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Ben has a passion for sharing his knowledge and is keen to help horses and riders develop properly and achieve their goals. His training methods are sympathetic and methodical. Lessons aim to keep horse and rider both physically and mentally stimulated. He teaches a wide variety of riders from Pony Club and Riding Club through to your seasoned competition rider.

He has also gained an ever increasing reputation for improving the strength and condition of sports horses with his alternative approach of using pole, cavaletti and in-hand work as an adjunct to flatwork.

Training is individually tailored to each horse and rider combination.



Whether it be improvement in the way of going, test riding practice or postural improvement, Ben works closely with riders to improve the basic foundation of their training in order to successfully train up the levels in a systematic and harmonious way. The exercises Ben uses have also proved immensely beneficial to many nervous horses and/or riders by giving them an increased confidence and something that they can go away and continue to work on at home.



Through use of pole and cavaletti exercises, Ben focuses on the improvement of suppleness, rideability and athleticism of the horse. He finds this work can result in a really positive improvement, paying dividends in the horses’ fitness and core strength whilst also keeping the horse and rider mentally challenged and focused.



Through use of specific in hand exercises, a stronger rapport between horse and handler/rider can be formed. Whether the aim be to improve suppleness, body awareness or the progress towards the more advanced half step work, Ben is happy to assist his clients to achieve their goals.


The difference Ben has made to my riding and how my horse goes in two lessons is incredible. I literally can’t wait for my next one. Be prepared to sweat, but the smile that you have at the end of the lesson makes the hard work well worth it.


I have thoroughly enjoyed the lessons I have been fortunate to have with Ben and have made huge improvements within a short time. The way Ben explains things makes so much sense and very effective. Thankyou so much.

Ben Franklin


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Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire, UK

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