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Training and support for International clients


Ben visits numerous countries including the United Arab Emirates and the USA. On these trips, Ben conducts clinic work to provide training and support to his clients. Ben also offers international show support as time allows around his own competition commitments.

He loves to travel to all corners of the world to meet interesting people and experience many cultures. He enjoys sharing his dressage and flatwork acumen. Throughout his trips, Ben has enjoyed making new friendships and contacts while sharing a mutually loved passion for sports horses. He is in regular contact with many of his clients abroad, and closely follows their training regimes, progress and successes.

Ben has become an integral part of some of his international clients’ teams, and sincerely enjoys collaborating with their regular trainer to help them achieve their goals and dreams.


As someone who entered into the dressage world later in life, following many years of endurance, I cannot explain the impact that Ben has had on me both from a riding and confidence perspective, from the get go.

I have had to re-learn how to ride in terms of position, seat, overall balance and aids, and he completely amended all of these things In my first ever lesson.

He also changed my whole mindset in terms of believing in myself and my ability going forward, which no other teacher has ever been successful in doing. He can simplify the most complicated of commands too.

The affect Bens teaching has had on my confidence, ability and my horses, is something you simply don’t find very often. I cannot thank him enough and I cannot wait to keep training with him, long term.


Ben is a lovely gentleman I met at the Oldenburg Verband summer meeting. As a dressage trainer/breeder he added so much to our group discussions. See his post about the meeting on Eurodressage. I can only imagine what fantastic clinics and lessons he must offer his clients!


Ben Franklin taught my group of young riders this winter in Wellington — a variety of levels and talent of horses and riders. It was inspiring to see the improvement in every single rider from their quiet, methodical work.

The lessons were such that the riders were able to take what they learned and continue with it on their own.

At another clinic, I watched a lesson with my most talented international rider on her talented PSG horse and she received excellent feedback on her schooling.


As an older amateur rider, my aim is to become a competent higher level dressage competitor. So much of my progress is related to improving my feel so I can positively influence my horse.

Each time Ben and I work together, he challenges me to ride better and adds more tools for me to draw upon.

My biggest regret is that we can only meet up a few times per year, but my homework is always very clear and I work diligently until our next session.

My horse is the biggest winner in our sessions – he is happier and goes with better expression.


Ben Franklin


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Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire, UK

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